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Climate resilience programs and resources

Sea level rise

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+ 1-2 feet leading to increase coastal flooding by mid-century


Precipitation icon

Extreme wet and dry periods, up to 30% increase in storm events

Extreme heat

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Increase by up to 13 extreme heat days and 55 warm nights by mid-century


Wildfire icon

Increasing frequency, duration, and extent

Explore different programs and resources to help boost the County of Santa Clara's resilience to climate impacts

grandfather and grandchildren

Climate Impact Compendium

Explore data to learn about the people and places most vulnerable to climate impacts and identify and address inequities through engagement with high risk communities, build local plans, and support regional solutions.

SV 2.0 riverine flooding and SoVI

Silicon Valley 2.0 Climate Change Preparedness Tool

- Learn how the County’s climate is expected to change over the next century and understand its impacts
- Identify socially vulnerable communities and infrastructure assets most at risk for all 15 cities and unincorporated county areas
- Assess the level of economic risk climate change poses to our infrastructure assets

Climate Adaptation Guidebook

Climate Adaptation Guidebook

Summarizes the methodology behind the SV 2.0 Tool and provides key strategies identified for climate change preparedness based on the tool's analyses (last revised 2015).